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mamasforobama.net is a collection of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, citizens all who are committed to electing Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America. It's important to make it known that the mamas of the world -- the people who most nurture our future generations -- want Barack Obama to lead us to a safer, saner and more compassionate world, for us and our children. This is our Promise.

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Al Gore and The Climate for Change

Al Gore is pitch-perfect in a New York Times editorial this past weekend encouraging President-elect Barack Obama to take on the global climate crisis without delay. Gore makes an effective case for immediate and aggressive action, encouraging Obama to invest heavily in solar, wind and geothermal initiatives; build a smart national electricity grid; compel our sagging automotive industry to go hybrid; retrofit buildings to drastically reduce their carbon dioxide emissions; and lead the effort to replace the Kyoto treaty with a more effective agreement.

It's obvious to Gore that our planet will be in even greater peril if the next President doesn't combine bold action with decisive leadership. It's incumbent upon us all to help the former Vice President and climate crusader sound the clarion call.

A new New Deal

So, Barack Obama has just been elected President of the United States. What is he going to do first? go to Disney World? Nope. According to Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, the President-elect must use his electoral mandate to forge a new New Deal.

This is not the time for Mr. Obama to think small, according to Krugman. He needs to move a progressive agenda forward, providing economic stimulus to the masses as well as aid to struggling state and local governments so they can continue to provide critical services. Sure, we will run higher deficits in the short term as a result but the long-term implications of inaction cannot be tolerated by an economy already on life support.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn't shy away from decisive action during times of war and great economic depression and neither should Barack Obama. These times demand bold leadership and the kind of sensible economics that have been missing in action for the past eight years.


What a tremendous victory for Barack Obama last night as he was elected the 44th President of the United States of America. Our efforts on his behalf were not in vain.

I have thought often over the last several days how foolish is was of Gov. Palin and Mayor Rudy Giuliani to make fun of President-elect Obama's community organizer background. His ground game is surely what carried the day here in Pennsylvania and in nearby states. My cousin is in Indianapolis and she told me the ground game there was also phenomenal. My son went door-to-door with me from Sat-Tues and the campaign's GOTV operation was as efficient as Patton's army. Supporters' homes were visited three and four times over the long weekend, first with a final check-in ("Are you still supporting Obama for President?"), then with a door hanger reminding them to "Vote OBAMA" on Election Day and finally with a visit on Election Day to see if they had already voted for the Democratic candidate ("Oh, you haven't voted for Obama yet -- we REALLY need your vote. Will you need a ride to the polls?"). NOTHING was left to chance and, as a result, a Democratic candidate finally wins not only the East and West coasts but most of the Midwest, some of the South and even a chunk of the Southwest. It's an amazing thing.

Obama looked really humbled last night, almost burdened. He has a huge task ahead of him but much support behind him.

Three Words: One More Day

A bit of inspiration about Barack Obama's campaign, to the strains of "Les Miserables:"


I have spent much of the past ten days here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania hard at work on Obama's campaign -- going door-to-door, making phone calls, placing Obama door hangers with my seven-year-old son. It has been an honor and a privilege to spread the word about Barack Obama, a transformative figure who can, and will, effect positive and much-needed change in this country.

My young son is as concerned about our collective future as I am. "Mom, we can't have McSame!" he blurted out to me recently. Which is why we soldier on.

Tomorrow we VOTE, we VOLUNTEER for the campaign and we reach for VICTORY. Three words: A New Day.

The New York Times Endorses Barack Obama

The New York Times today endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President in a very well-written editorial. Must reading for all undecideds -- okay, for everyone.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

Hot on the heels of Gov. Sarah Palin's lavish shopping spree comes this picture of Barack Obama's shoes. Now, who would you REALLY want advocating for hard-working Americans aka "real Americans?" 'nuff said.

Gov. Palin Goes Power Shopping

Gov. Palin may enjoy visiting what she calls the "real America" but she sure doesn't shop like it. Turns out that the Republican National Committee (RNC) spent over $150,000 on clothing and accessories for Gov. Palin in the month of September alone. The RNC spent over $75,000 at Neiman-Marcus in Minneapolis and over $40,000 at Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis -- not exactly "Wasilla Main Street."

A Republican spokeswoman wondered aloud this afternoon why Sarah's shopping spree was such a big deal. Well, if Gov. Palin didn't spend so much of her time telling Americans that she's a "hockey mom" and "just like them," maybe it wouldn't be. But if you're gonna talk the talk, Gov. Palin, you'd better walk the walk, and those stylin' black stiletto-heeled boots scream "Wall Street" a whole lot more than "Main Street."

Republicans and Plumbers

It's kind of ironic that the Republicans are suddenly banking on Joe the Plumber to get them into the White House. It wasn't that long ago, the early 1970s to be exact, when former President Richard Nixon blessed a small group of so-called "plumbers" to plug the leaks of classified White House information to the media. Nixon's plumbers got a little carried away with their mandate and ultimately broke into the Watergate complex, with the bungled burglary and ensuing scandal forcing Nixon to resign as President.

Republicans gave plumbers a bad name then and they still don't help them now. With the average American plumber making less than $50,000 a year, it's clear that plumbers will fare far better under Barack Obama's economic policies. John McCain's sad attempt to portray himself as the champion of plumbers everywhere is an insult to the bright, hard-working people in this profession -- and to hard-working middle-class Americans everywhere.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman elaborates on the injustice of Republican economic policies in an editorial for the New York Times.

Sleeping With The Enemy

Gov. Sarah Palin recently stated that she enjoys visiting the small towns that comprise the "real America," where "pro-America" people live and work. The obvious suggestion was that many of us, presumably Democrats in not-so-small cities, are anti-America.

I guess for a minute there she forgot about her First Dude, Todd Palin -- he's the one who's an acknowledged past member of the Alaska Independence Party (AIP), which wants to secede from ALL America. Gov. Palin, looks like you're sleeping with the enemy -- not very American of you, now is it?

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